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Goodnight Portable Baby Bed
Goodnight Portable Baby Bed
Goodnight Portable Baby Bed
Goodnight Portable Baby Bed
Goodnight Portable Baby Bed
Goodnight Portable Baby Bed
Goodnight Portable Baby Bed

Goodnight Portable Baby Bed

The Mama Jill
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Why does your baby need a Goodnight Portable Baby Bed

Goodnight Baby Bed Features

Our Goodnight Baby Bed is a game changer, it is feature packed and will help baby and yourself spend much more peaceful nights. From newborn to about 6 months we've got you covered with the best sleeping accessory around!



The pillow built in our Goodnight Portable Baby bed is designed to ensure that baby's head remains nice and round.


Baby's spine being as fragile as it is for their first few months, our baby bed offers comfortable back support that will ensure baby's spine develops safely.


The leg pad makes sure your baby remains comfortable and keeps their feet above their head and makes it nearly impossible for them to roll over.


Adjustable leg pad: The leg pad can be adjusted in order to ensure that baby has their bed fully adjusted to their size until about six months old.


Our Goodnight Portable Bed has been designed to remind baby of the womb which is where they felt the safest. Baby will be calm and at ease all day and night!


The leg pad helps baby with their digestion. Babies naturally raise their legs to facilitate digestion or when they try to pass gas. Our leg pad will only make it easier.

Can the Goodnight Portable Baby bed be used in a bassinet?

Yes, our portable baby bed fits in most bassinets, if you want to make sure you can measure your bassinet to ensure it fits 21.6in/55cm long and 15in/38 cm wide.

What age the Goodnight Portable Baby Bed good until?

It varies depending on the your baby's size but usually it fits babies up to about 8 months.

What is the Goodnight Portable Baby Bed surface fabric made of?

The surface fabric of our Goodnight Portable Baby Bed is cotton so it respects baby's skin and doesn't scratch or irritate.

Can I swaddle my baby when using my Goodnight Portable Baby Bed?

Yes your baby can definitely be swaddled when sleeping in their Goodnight Baby Bed.

How do I wash my Goodnight Portable Baby Bed?

Your portable baby bed can be put in the washing machine in cold water and then tumble dried in low heat.


  • Cotton
  • Polyester


Care Instructions

Machine washable: Yes, cold water
Tumble Dry: Low heat


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