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Anticipated Announcements: The Best Time To Announce Your Pregnancy

The news of a new family member is ultimately good news. Everybody is bound to be thrilled and ecstatic. However, there is a time and place for even the best kinds of announcements, even pregnancy announcements. It’s certainly not at a wedding reception.

Apart from the obvious, there is certain merit to waiting a few weeks to deliver the news. But, when exactly should such good news be delivered?

When is the best time to announce it?

A lot of expecting parents are told to wait until the end of the first trimester or around week 13 to make any announcements. There’s a number of reasons why it can be good to wait for a while to announce the pregnancy, all of which are mentioned below.

External reasons apart, the announcement of pregnancy should be based solely on the expecting parents' comfort. While there is a certain time provided, there is no harm in announcing a pregnancy before or after the ‘perfect’ time.

Why Wait?

As mentioned before, the best time to announce a pregnancy is after the first trimester or around the 13th week. The reasons for this are as follows.

Risk of Miscarriage

Every pregnancy runs a risk of miscarriage. The first trimester is a time of development and change. With all the changes taking place, the risk of a miscarriage is much higher. It’s not usually in a mother’s control, maybe due to certain developmental issues or hormone imbalances.

When the baby survives past week 7, the risk of a miscarriage drops to 10%. It falls to 5% after week 12. The statistics are usually the reason expecting parents wait before announcing a pregnancy.

First Prenatal Visit

One of the first prenatal visits is going around week 8. This first visit is a definitive milestone. A professional is going to confirm the pregnancy, screen for any infer any abnormalities, and generally provide an update regarding the health of the baby and mother.

More importantly, the first visit is when expecting parents get to hear the heartbeat for the first time and have an ultrasound to carry afterward. It can be a reassuring token to have before announcing the pregnancy.

Advantages of Waiting

Apart from the reasons mentioned, there are certain advantages to waiting to announce a pregnancy!

  • Having an ultrasound to show friends and family when announcing the pregnancy can be reassuring and exciting.

  • Waiting to announce after you’ve found out the sex of the baby means you can have a safe gender reveal party!

  • Hitting personal milestones such as starting to show or having your first prenatal visit can be exciting to share along with the news of the pregnancy!

  • Finally, you get the chance to enjoy the joy for yourself for a bit.

Summing Up

Pregnancies are sensitive, exhilarating, and brilliant news. It can be confusing to navigate the social niceties of announcements and other obligations. In the end, nobody else really matters. As long as you and your partner are happy, comfortable, and excited about sharing the news, there’s no wrong time!

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