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Dealing with Babies during quarantine

5 Tips Every Parent Needs for Handling Quarantine with Babies

Remember when the whole coronavirus pandemic began and everyone kept saying, “We’re in this together?” That doesn’t seem to apply to parents with newborns or babies under 12 months though. Due to social distancing, family members outside of the immediate household and other caregivers have to stay away.

So, where does that leave you?

Whether you have other little ones in the house or just one tiny little human you’re new to raising, you’re likely wondering how you can endure this lockdown lifestyle any longer. Comb the remnants of baby spit-up through your hair, take a deep breath, and let these 5 tips help lead the way back to your sanity.

​A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

~Eda J. Le Shan

1. Create a routine

While babies under 4 months don’t really get the whole routine thing, the cues you give will help lay the foundation for one later on. It creates safety and security in knowing what comes next. You can’t control what’s going on in the world, but in your home, you can bring some semblance of order to it. Control what you can with meals, bedtime, and playtime.

2. Let the limit exist with news

Being aware of what’s going on through official sources is important. Scrolling for new updates every 5 minutes? Not helpful! It puts you in panic mode and even a newborn can sense your tension.

3. Learn the art of distraction

Babies are easy to distract. Take a cue from your little one and find something that helps take the focus off your worries for a while. While newborns are more akin to potatoes until a few months off, they can still do tummy time and they love the sound of your voice. Read to your baby and when you do, focus on her little chunky cheeks and look deep into her eyes. See her staring back at you? That means she adores you, and nothing beats that feeling!

4. Put on some music

It’s never too early to teach your baby how to appreciate good music. Play your favorite tunes and get up and dance. Use your baby carrier if your arms are tired and wear baby as you dance around. You’ll feel better and guess what? You’ll get huge smiles and giggles from that sweet baby too!

5. Make your own self-care a priority immediately

Pandemic or not, the only way to give your best to your baby is to take care of yourself. If you feel yourself teetering over the edge of sanity, ask your spouse to handle all baby duties while you take a hot bath with a sheet mask on, read for 30 minutes, or make an uninterrupted video call to family or friends. Even if you can take 10 minutes to yourself daily, you’ll feel more mentally “there” for your baby.

Being a new parent in the dawn of a pandemic is truly uncharted territory right now. While you might feel like an island in the center of the sea, it’s important to remember that things will get better. For now, breathe in, breathe out, and go take that lovely bath!

Written by Jennifer Raskin

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