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Apryl's labour and birth story

25 April, 12:00

Well it all started with a routine midwife check at my 38 week appointment...

Published by Maksim Tourou in Technics

on the 5th of November 2020 ( I was 38+4 weeks pregnant). During the growth checkup my midwife noticed my baby's growth had spiked into the 97th percentile (baby was measuring very big) so with that information she booked me in for a scan at the hospital that day. So a couple hours later and the scan revealed that baby was measuring 8lbs5oz already and also I have A LOT of waters surrounding him. I was then sent to the hospital labor ward to monitor baby's heart rate to see if this was distressing him; luckily it wasn't however I was rather distressed. They decided to book my induction for the 10th November as they were worried about him growing any bigger and how the large amount of fluid would eventually effect him as i still had 2-4 weeks left.

So the time came 10th of November...

... I called the hospital and my local hospital was all booked up, so I was sent to their "sister" hospital 30 minutes away (terrifying for me) to be induced. We eventually got there at 11am and they began by inserting a pessary (a medical tampon basically) and straight away the contractions began.

By 1pm the same day I was 2cm dilated but I was told by the nurses it could be days until my baby decided to arrive even with the induction. The plan was to keep the pessary in for 24 hours so to take it out by 11am the next day.

It came to around 8pm and I was in a decent amount of pain but paracetamol took the edge off but due to covid my partner had to leave. Luckily I managed to sleep between all the midwife checks every hour and woke up around 5am to my machine beeping. Next thing I knew midwives were rushing in and they told me my contractions were too strong and close together, so at 5:30am they took out my pessary.

Disappointed now as I had not dilated any more and now unsure of my route of induction I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. And like magic my waters broke (I was later informed these were just my back waters).
So 6am I call my partner to come back to the hospital as I was now getting moved to the delivery suite! He finally got there at around 7am and I was moved to the suite at 8am when they then told me they needed to break the rest of my waters for me, and oh boy did that hurt.

After breaking my waters and seeing that unfortunately there was meconium (baby had pooed inside me) they decided to put me on a hormone drip to speed things up so he didn't inhale too much. Wow the hormone drip definitely did something though, i was in so much pain but sadly not dilating at all, i was given gas and air as my only pain relief so by 5:30 my cannulas were inserted (ouch) and then i was given an epidural. And yet another bump in the road the epidural didn't work.. Not one bit. They kept pumping more epidural meds in me but unfortunately it just didn't work, but I decided to keep laboring for another 4 hours before they decided it was time to check me again.

Now 10pm I was only 4cm dilated...

... but the hormone drip was again like the pessary causing my contractions to feel like 10cm and be 20 seconds apart; I'm not going to lie i thought at this point i was going to die.
Finally a surgeon came in and began to explain that with the meconium being inside and me not dilating fast enough, a C-section would be in my and baby's best interest. I also decided that enough was enough and my body could not handle the pain anymore.
So by 12am I was signing the dreaded papers giving my life over to some surgeons I had never met, placing my and my baby's safety into their hands, I can assure you me and my partner were absolutely terrified.

By 12:30am I was wheeled into the operating room, given my spinal block (heaven) and was then laid on a table and jabbed all over with cannulas, IV drips, numbing needles...the works; but I couldn't feel a thing so it was ok. Unfortunately though the spinal block began to work a bit TOO good as I couldn't feel my own lungs breathing, I started to panic as I thought I was suffocating and as my partner and me watched my oxygen levels drop they stuck a mask on my face and continued to operate.

It was 1am when they began the operation and by 1:17am my gorgeous baby boy Ryver was born on the 12th of November 2020. I remember his first cry (how could i not my partner recorded the whole thing!) And i remember them showing him over the curtain but then rushing him away to suck the meconium out of his throat; my partner went with him. As I was being stitched up (I still hadn't held him, my partner had) they weighed him and I vividly remember the nurses laughing at him being a whopping 8lbs11oz (I'm tiny by the way) and then him peeing all over the weighing scales.
I was then lifted onto a bed and wheeled into a recovery suite where I finally held my little boy and got to admire him properly for the first time.
After 36 hours of grueling labor, it finally all seemed worth it to hold his little hands and kiss his tiny face.
And that is where my recovery journey then began.

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